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Pupil Comments

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Comments from pupils

“I like Treetops because the teachers are really nice and they teach me very well. I’ve made a lots of friends at Treetops.”
Olumide Akinmolayan

“It has helped me a lot. I have got a lot more confidence. The pupils are all nice and I have a lot of friends.”
Madison Jordan

“I like Mary and Alex. I like cooking.”
Aiden Weddell

“I like ICT doing numbers. Golden Time.”
Aryan Gusterson

“It’s fun and you get more help.”
Harry Williamson

“I’m not scared anymore. I have enjoyed my time at Treetops it’s miles better than my other school. I didn’t think it would be like this.”
Madison Jordan

Because I got lots of friends that I like. I like all teachers in the school. I want to thank everybody in the school who has helped me to get this far. I also want to thank the headteacher Mr Smith for bringing me back into Treetops. I was lucky to come back.

If anybody didn’t know that I did go to Treetops before but left because I went to live with my mum. But my Mum was not well so I came back. I didn’t think I would make it but here I am now. I’m happy to be here.

I did have some good times and bad times but I’m still at Treetops and I don’t want to give up. I’m going to keep on doing my best now all the way to the end.

I like to make everybody proud it’s the best school ever! If I can change back to where I start it then I would.
Angel Jolly

“There are iPads, new computers, old/new teachers and new playground. My favourite subjects are: maths, PE, science, music, design technology and food technology.”

Oshoke Foy-Yamah

“It is a fun and an enjoyable school with lots of friends and lots of fun. The teachers are very nice and they teach well. That’s why I like that school.”
Pasha Yanvarev

“I like Treetops and there are so many reasons I like it. I like the work because I can do it. I like Mr T Smith because he teaches me for GCSE maths. I wouldn’t change a thing.”
Daniel Callow

“I have a lot of friends and at lunchtime I can choose whatever I want. Also they got the zipwire and I get to play whatever I want. There are amazing teachers in the school. It is all awesome, nothing to change.”
Maya Saar

“Basically all of my teachers have been nice to me. All of the teachers help me with my work like Mr Smith. He is a ver good Headteacher, the best Headteacher ever in school life and he’s kind and I have a laugh with him. I like my school and everyone in it. Mrs Twigg and Mrs Stickings and Mr Fitzpatrick have helped me learn good things in the six form.”
Louis Humphreys