Vocational Courses

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Vocational Courses

Vocational training/college links

  • Every Friday
  • Delivered by specialist tutors
  • Supported by Treetops staff
  • Experience a range of different settings

What are the options?

  • Treetops on-site vocational studies
  1. ​Practical Skills for Working Life including: Catering, Gardening, Craft skills and Construction. (Delivered by specialist tutors on site to enhance the provision of Treetops Garden Centre and Tearooms)
  2. Lunch in school
  • Raggamuffins Performing Arts
  1. ​Drama
  2. Dance
  3. Social skills
  4. Lunch in 6th form

  • Writtle College
  1. ​A structured programme consisting of: Woodwork and Carpentry, Horticulture, Estate Management / countryside skills and Farming.
  2. Students taught in discreet group by college staff, supported by Treetops staff.
  3. Lunch in the college cafeteria.