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Treetops Free School

Quality | Equality | Opportunity

Welcome to the Treetops Free School

Treetops Free School is a day special school for children and young people between the ages of 5 and 16 who experience moderate learning difficulties.  The school is located in Grays, Essex.

The school runs a special VB (verbal behaviour) department for children on the autistic spectrum.

Our school works on achievement, on what can be done. We work on the positive. We do not view our work as such, but as a vocation or as an opportunity to make a difference.

Each pupil is placed in an age- or need-appropriate group. Each group will have a teacher responsible for pastoral care. In addition, the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher also take great pride in ensuring pastoral care is of the highest order. We will always endeavour to answer any worries you have on the same day that you make contact.

One of the great qualities of our school is that we are small. We are therefore able to know each pupil really well, and conversely they know us really well. Behaviour and discipline in school (or anywhere else) is all about relationships.

Our aim is for pupils to accept our values and become part of a whole community, which instils a sense of pride in each other.

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