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PE Grant

PE & Sport Premium for 2021/22

Total number of primary pupils on roll Treetops School – 80  & Treetops Free School – 48


Amount b/fwd from 20/21 – £9000

Amount of grant received 21/22 Treetops School – £16,870 & Treetops Free School – £16,480

Summary of Primary Sport Premium 2021/2022

  • Improve the provision of PE & School Sports at Treetops School

  • Ensure that PE & School Sports are judged as at least good by external monitoring.

  • Broaden the sporting opportunities and experiences available to pupils that they might otherwise not experience.

  • To develop a love of sport and physical activity.

Outline of Primary Sport Premium spending 2021-2022


To create a fine & gross motor skills sensory suite £25,600. To enable students’ access to regular swimming.  £2,157 Treetops swimming & £480 Free School swimming

Treetops School -Total Premium received & B/fwd £25,870

Treetops Free School – Total Premium received £16,480

Total Income = £42,350

Total Spent = £28,237

C/Fwd to next year = £14,113 c/fwd to next year when the Free School building will be open and we can then look at how best to enhance the PE curriculum for that school

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